What Other Hobbies You Got?

I wanted to see what else everyone is into?

Personally I ended up in computers because I just like to see how things work. Later in life (mid 20s), I started to learn that I could get things that other people could only wish for, or pay loads of money for (for cheap, too). Because of that I learned to get into computers, woodworking, and even a little drawing.

What are the hobbies floating around in the community? Maybe throw in a pic or two if you are inclined!

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I like to try and choke my friends unconscious, mostly I am not successful (note all my fingers are held together with tape). :grin:

Edit: I also have hair now.

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Thanks to starting late in life and covid happening right after I started, I still haven’t been able to take any tests, so not sure I can count that as a hobby for myself yet.

I still lift weights daily, run a small machinist and welding shop out of my garage, maintain several servers for my sideline IT business, practice ethical hacking, ride motocross in the summer, and if time permits in the winter I ride snowmobiles.

You look like someone who’s not to be trifled with! :+1:t2:

Which Gracie family member is that? There are so many! :sweat_smile:

Ah I’m terribly out of practice, I’ve only trained once since COVID started, hoping to start back very shortly though.

That’s my professor Lucas Luz, he’s not a Gracie though he was awarded his black belt by Rolker Gracie. Here’s a photo of us with Robin Gracie (Lucas - Me - Robin).

Aha! You gotta admit he could be one of the family, though. He has that smile. :sweat_smile:

Oh… and… your username… your fav choke? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ha - yeah it as at one point but its a bit of a beginners choke, it’s one of the first you learn but it rarely works against blue belts or above, you can see it coming a mile off. :slight_smile:

Well… unless you are the Boa Constrictor…

You know your MMA, unless there have been more recently I think there have only ever been two submissions by ezequiel in the UFC and both were by him, and one was from the bottom (which is unorthodox).

At one point I got quite good with the electric chair submission, but I used it on everyone I sparred with, they all got to know that it was one of my “go-to” moves, and they all learned to defend against it. :joy:

As an autist with ADHD I have cycled through a few hobbies (hyperfocussing on learning every detail) until I have drained the last scrap of dopamine from them.
These include
Computer’s and Linux
Road cycling

I intend to make coding or infosec my new career.

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That’s a really cool bike, a guy at my work had something similar.

@souldessin, It’s an interesting topic, but I was not able to think what would be my answer.

But what @Bazzawill wrote at the start rang a bell with me: I don’t have a particular hobby, but I tend to get find interest in different topics (rat-holes!), and being old now (47! :-(), I’m already started to drift away from some of them.

I was (I guess I still am) a Linux enthusiast, but nowadays I’m not “practicing” anymore, as I have different responsibilities.

I like programming, but I’m also not practicing.

I like information security, … same!

I would like to draw, play music (different instruments), not much time to do all, and no solid goal to chase (do I need a new year resolution?!!)

I like reading SciFi, (barely managing now to slip something in, in listening, with the time needed to listen to the different podcasts I’m trying to follow).

It’s a mess!

I’m not diagnosed with ADHD, but I won’t be surprised to know I’m on the spectrum.

The last thing I will add: I like strategy games, and also not having enough time to pursue, but lately I had the chance to play Frostpunk, and it was quite interesting!

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Yeah, forgot to add: Languages as well.

To think about it, I’m fascinated by the Human mind and what it’s capable of (have you seen some of the game speedruns!), and it’s limitations (welcome to the world we are living in, mis-information, mass-hysteria, bigotry, … etc!)

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I have not listed many of my former special interests, however you have reminded me of a few. Skepticism and Atheism is one how the human brain back be contorted in many interesting and harmful ways (I mean looking into how theists and the non skeptical). Our brains are fascinating and unfortunately not as smart as we like to think.
More recently I have been researching my own brain and conditions such as autism and ADHD as I am only recently diagnosed.

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I watch a lot of UFC. Only started in the pandemic after hearing Rogan talk about it and I found it a very fun sport to watch. I enjoyed that last Oleynik submission by Ezekiel Choke very much! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That is some proper human chess there! I love it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh yeah. It’s also what inspired me to lose 12 kg and finally try and gain some muscles. I am going for as close to Michael Chiesa’s body as I can get…

Yeah. Especially the starship name on the tyres… :heart_eyes:

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