The Private Citizen 131: The New Caste System

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Hi Fab, I always apprieciate your concern for technology pervading our lives. I often sit too far on the opposite side thinking technology is going to fix all the things without thinking about the full implications.
I wanted to give a different view on the self driving cars. While I completely appreciate your concerns around the issues with self driving cars and also can apprieciate the joy of driving. I have a view on where self driving could be helpful. Commuting is one while public transport is great it is not as convienient as a car that can get you from your home to work (without dealing with people) directly. I had this idea recently that in theory you could start your work day in your car (in a future where self driving cars can opperate at least as safely as the average human) and finish at home. In my ideal future my car could take me into the city, without having to pay for parking possibly be used for the day as an “Uber” and then come pick me up at the end of the day. This ideal future also includes a network of self driving cars that can all communicate with each other, drive faster, reroute automatically, or adjust speed all together. I know all of this is wishful thinking and has many worries to think about but…
However, beyond that I am now going to play the disability card. I sometimes question if I should be driving a car. My brain tends to get distracted by things inside and outside of my car and I can get overwhelmed on the demands for my attention. I have had more than my fair share of small accidents when I just wasn’t paying attention to all the things (or was paying attention too closely to something distracting in my car). I tend not to share this as it is often just responded by you need to pay attention while driving and remove all distractions (this is not actually possible). The alternative of being deemed not safe to drive is also not possible I cannot life my life without driving at this point in time. I am not really a danger on the road and never caused any accident that caused injury just small damage.
While I do enjoy driving it can be stressful for me and I would happily concede that task to a computer (when the computer can do this relyable better than me)