Tarkov Short: Community Challenge Leads to Disaster

Well, that’s really - something… :joy:

I love how indignant Jonathan was. Not that I shot him but that I shot him at the beginning of the raid. Which was clearly the right way to go to produce superior content. :smile:

I think I said something mean like:

You have the tactical awareness of a monkey

Or something. Sorry, I had a few drinks ^^

It wasn’t about tactics. It was about CONTENT. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It was like fab is a sleeper agent and “In your head” is the trigger phrase. I blame Halefa.

Did you ever fought with monkey? Some primates are sneaky bastards.

I like that headcannon! :rofl:

Well. That’s mke exposed. :grimacing:

LOL. :rofl:

This was fun. I really should shoot Jonathan in the head more often. Shame, I’m such a nice and collegial guy…