Plan for the next couple of TPC episodes

I’ve been working on upcoming podcast episodes. I had originally planned to release an episode on Saturday, but I was somewhat sick over the weekend so I couldn’t get as much done as I wanted. And now I have a print deadline looming.

I have another episode almost prepped, though. The idea is to spend the next episode recapping the Twitter Files reporting and look at what I have already covered and what is still left to report. Then I will probably spent the next episodes on a few Twitter Files topics to wrap that up.

Not sure when I can get to the next episode, maybe Tuesday. I should be able to do Wednesday at the latest, though.

What do you think?


I hope you are feeling better now.

Whenever you feel like it, an episode would be appreciated.

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It wasn’t that bad. Just a cold. Just meant I was slower doing things and couldn’t get much done. But thanks for being concerned. :slightly_smiling_face:

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