Personal Post: Quarantation

Hope you both feel better soon, you’re both fully vaccinated and young/healthy, so you should be fine.

One thing I might suggest is not doing anything to tax your immune system further. Probably best not running for a few days, and getting as much sleep as you can. Same as for any illness really.

Edit: Just to add, everyone I know personally who has had “the rona” recently has had really mild symptoms, even a friend who’s old and extremely overweight (he was a little worried).

All the best to you and Katy, I hope it would be just a mild inconvenience.

Take care!

We’ll be fine. But thanks for the well wishes!

Yeah, I’ll suspend all sports activities until I am completely fine again. Work, not so much. I’ve got some stuff I gotta do this week…

I am sorry to hear that Katy caught that stupid bug. I hope you two are getting better soon. On the bright side, given your age, your vaccination status and the probability of it being omicron, you should be relatively fine I guess.
I really had to laugh out loud about you calling SARS CoV-2 the „Wuhan Flu“. Someone that is so adamant about calling people out that use the wrong term describing the virus, is using Wuhan FLU? :smile: Next thing you will start calling it the the Wuhan plaque or Wuhan fungus :joy:.
In any case l am looking forward to your take on the situation in the Ukraine.
Again I hope you two are getting better soon.

Katy is getting better. As far as I can tell, I’m not getting sick at all.

Yeah, that was a joke harkening back to early-2020 No Agenda. It cracks me up that saying “Wuhan virus” was deemed political incorrect, whereas Ebola, Marburg virus and Ross River virus are totally OK.

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