“Moderate high temperature warning” – back in the day, we called this “summer”. And we didn’t warn people about it, we were happy and enjoyed it.

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That a winter temp in Brisbane! :smile:

Who are these softcocks?


It’s unbelievable. Germans are the worst. Everyone here is like “climate change! we’re dying!” and I’m constantly like: “shut up you dumb idiots! Australians have dealt with worse temperatures for hundreds of years you whinging fucks…”

Welcome to the forum, BTW! I appreciate your input. :happy_fox:

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This is hysterical. Seriously.

In the sense that it is funny, yes. Also in the sense that it’s a sign of utter hysteria, I think! :grin:

Yep, I was meaning both, and also frightening to the point of me hardly being able to cope.