Musk kills the Twitter Files

It took a while for the idiocy of Musk to resurface after he, for once, did something good in the world. But now, he‘s gone and killed the Twitter Files project because of a competing social network feature that will never take off… Or, as Taibbi puts it in his inimitable way:

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Seems that Taibi is experimenting with Nostr.

I heard about it from Curry on No Agenda, but didn’t try it yet, and I’m not sure if I should.

I’m torn between two positions: on one had, I would like to be part of like-minded community (that’s why I’m on this forum), on the other hand, I’m wary of public platforms where all you write is available for prying eyes.

Anyone weighed the pros and cons?

While I agree that Musk cancelling the Twitter files is a not good, I do wonder how much was left in them to be found.

I personally feel that the real tragedy is that absolutely nothing has come of the information that was released. Techies were once again vindicated in their beliefs of what was happening, as was the case with the Snowden revelations, but that was it. The MSM attempted to hide or at least limit the impact of what was done. While in America, it is technically possible for a company to censor speech on it’s platform, it is not possible for the government to do so. The Twitter files showed that the government had taken a hand in censorship, yet absolutely nothing was done to stop it from continuing to happen. Rather a sorry state of affairs.


I have no opinion on this yet, but I am looking into that platform myself. If people are interested, I can probably write down some thoughts on it…

Sadly, I think this is a very apt summary of the situation.