Masks, COVID mesures and surveillance

Ever since back in the 2000’s, the topic of mass surveillance and cameras always bothered me. We should have a right to privacy and to our own image.

Since then, things have become worst.
In my country, draconian laws are being put in place to enhance (yes, pun) mass surveillance by the state, and to block the national comity to data protection the ability to intervene or even say anything in these matters.
They even want to give the police the ability to remotely and in real time to access the data!

On comes COVID.

masks have become socially accepted and even mandatory in some cases.

Before these measures and changes that COVID brought, I considered to use a mask in public, but the fear of being halted by the police or even social discrimination has made me think twice.

Now I use a mask everywhere, not mostly because of COVID, but for privacy reasons.

I am wondering if in the future masks will be discouraged or forbidden in some places to allow people to be identified through security cameras, despite COVID or after this scare wares off and the next one comes in to play.

Am I f’ed in the head? :smile:

P.S. - Some of these links are in Portuguese. I can provide context if anything becomes lost in (google) translation.

I think I expressed almost the same sentiment a year ago; @fabsh even read it out on the podcast, IIRC. His reaction was along the lines of “dude, you need to fix your government anyway, masks or no masks”. He had a point, of course, but I remember chuckling and thinking to myself: “Alright, we’ll have this discussion when Europe throws the citizens’ privacy rights down the drain, too, as they’re obviously headed that way”.

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While I do agree that almost all of our governments are taking extraordinary measures to spy on us, I did get a little smile today when I read that my provinces privacy commissioner issued a second order to Clearview AI to stop collecting our data and to delete the data they had already collected on us. I don’t think anything will actually come from this, other than that smile.

Story from London in 2019, though I think he was actually fined for swearing at the police - rather than for covering his face?

But yes I agree, 2 years ago you’d have been looked at as strange if you wore a mask in public, now it’s the opposite.

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I was more positive about this if wearing a mask was actually, you know, choice

Thanks! Was going to post there, but I didn’t find any place that i thought it fitted.

I think discussions like this of possible future podcast topics can go right into the TPC feedback category. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2:

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I think that one of the best ways that it could be protected against is the simple attacks on the software. The people programing these things don’t know what they are doing. They are just finding libraries online and using them to sell expensive things to government. Like the whole log4j kerfuffle.

Case in point, you can trick most of the systems by labeling things. Because many are built on text recognition systems.

Better yet, having an image in an image messes with it, too.

More info via Make Magazine.

But that is an inherent part of open source. Everyone also just uses the openssh implementation, and several others. Honestly, I prefer to use my own libraries when possible, but time and cost restraints often mean using something off the shelf. It’s a balancing act.

Poor wording here. That was mean that there are several other pieces of opensource that are used exclusively instead of there being several options.

Oh, I’m love that open source is being used. I’m just advocating the exploitation of the poor implementation of that open source software/libraries. If we exploit it like in those photos, we can keep more of our privacy while others are without.

At least for a short period.

Yeah, but the downside with that is that it’s a cat and mouse game. They will eventually get better and then you’ll have to constantly struggle to defeat their stuff again…

When it comes to security-relevant stuff, this is a probably the biggest mistake anyone can make. Do not do that!

Absolutely agree there. I should have specified for trivial things and data processing and formatting. NEVER roll your own for encryption or security.

I’m in absolute agreement with you there. I just like taking advantage of the loopholes while they exist. In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to get things changed.

In Delaware, USA, we have many issues. Right now, we are trying to get arrest powers back for the sheriffs. The Governor removed them unconstitutionally (according the the DE constitution, no US) and the court, that was largely appointed by him or his political party, just redefined the term public servant, literally.

There is so many injustices to fight. I’ll take the advantages where I can get them.

In Canada, our prime minister has gone on the news and stated that he is aware that he is stepping on our civil rights, but that he plans to continue doing so. And now there is talk of denying medical services to the unvaccinated, which I’m sure will be a legal nightmare, as all Canadians are required to pay into that service. We may need to study that impeachment section you guys have down there.

Oh, it’s loads of fun. They did it to trump multiple times. Something about rehearsal, new world order, or something like that, lol.

Sorry what? The sheriff can’t arrest you?? :exploding_head: