Major Tarkov Drama

Hi Fab, not sure if you’ve seen the drama going on with Tarkov lately?

In 2017 Tarkov released the Edge of Darkness edition, in which the small print said you essentially get all future DLC included. I bought it, pretty sure you and Jonathan MH also did?

This week BSG are re-defining what DLC is, they released a new edition costing $250 (before tax), which contained a ton of DLC that EOD accounts don’t get, as well as a number of pay-to-win features.

The community is outraged, a number of major streamers (Landmark, Pestily, Glorious_E, Rengawr) are calling out BSG for being scammers and refusing to stream the game.

BSG are trying to dig themselves out but nobody seems to be buying their PR, their Discord and Reddit are blowing up. It’s all quite an interesting situation, might or might not be the end of the company.

I no longer play but I still watch Tarkov streams when working from home, it’s quite a “popcorn” situation - most of the big Tarkov streams right now are just people ripping BSG and Nikita a new one!

Holy shit! Hadn’t seen this! Yeah, I own EOD. What a dumb move…

I am a bit behind with Deadly’s VoDs, but I respect his opinion on Tarkov a lot and his tweets speak volumes…

Wow. Just heard Deadly talk about this on stream (I am still behind with watching VoDs). He initially thought the price of the new edition was a joke from his chat. His face when he realised it was real was a thing to behold… :rofl: