Le Gasp for air!

Said the french man coming up for air.

While I’m not fully French, I did end up falling down a hole for a few weeks. Now I have to catch up with everyone again! I was able to get an art station setup so that I don’t have to clear off the dining room table every time. Also, got some more done on my wood working bench.

What else has everyone else been doing randomly? Anything fun or notable?

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Just installed Cacti across my network, and updated my Nagios install.

Bear season is coming, and I get sent out to grizzly country often, so I’m building 500 grain test bullets for my 45-70, in case one tries to surprise me again.

The again is the more worrying part, for me. That must have been a real pucker moment.

Trying to keep the work/life balance, so I started playing Witcher 3 and in parallel Genshin Impact. But, in my defense, my daughters pushed me to it!

I have to restart my first play of XCOM 2. I ended up backing myself into a corner and don’t have troops.

Lots of small heart attacks. That’s how I keep my arteries cleared out…