Is anybody here playing New World?

I just got into it because of the Return to Aeternum event and Fresh Start servers and the 50% off sale on Steam.

I must say, it’s a beautiful game and seems to have improved much from the initial launch, which seemed to have its issues. It’s also so much cheaper than games like WoW because there is no subscription.

Over the weekend, I’ve gone into full nostalgic WoW mode, I feel like being a student again, running around all day levelling. :smile: It’s a pretty cool feeling. I wasn’t expecting to like this game this much.

Things I like about this game:

  • The 17th century look is fun
  • Everyone plays as a human, it’s more GoT than LotR, when it comes to the setting (there is magic though)
  • Pirates!
  • Did I mention the pirates?
  • The UI is so much better than WoW’s and because its a much newer game, it’s much easier and less convoluted to play