I looted my Postman

Ok I didn’t kill him that’s obviously a joke, but I did loot his backpack and he dropped this.

This stuff is amazing, once you figure out how to open it. Works great for coughs and colds, possibly covid too but I can’t verify that, I’m skeptical if it works on broken legs but I’ll let you know if that happens. :joy:

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That is incredible! When I saw the thread title, I totally expected some epic depiction of the “Postman Pat” quest xD

This is awesome! Where can I buy this stuff? It needs to go into my running kit…

I got them on Amazon, they do 2 different sizes 3g and 10g. It’s great to apply under your nose if you want to breathe a little better. :slight_smile:

I have something else arriving soon from the Russian Federation. :wink:

Ok this is a little awkward. I ordered this some time ago and it’s only just arrived, obviously certain world events have overtaken this. I’d just like to say I’m strongly against conflict and hope that everything gets resolved as peacefully as can be, given the circumstances. Ordinary Russian people such as the trader I bought this from are also going to be victims in this situation.

That being said, I looted my postman again today and he dropped these. It was supposed to be a bit of fun but I look on this with some sadness.

I totally get you, still looks cool. I don’t think people will come for you with torches and pitchforks :smiley:

They need to come for me first. I quickly ordered this from a Russian tactical gear shop after the invasion and before they kicked the Russians out of SWIFT. I need my video game gear. Fuck the haters.

Check out https://grey-shop.ru/ , they say they aren’t under sanctions but I’m not sure how long for. Get yourself a nice Killa helmet or something. :grin:

I bought a Mordor Tec GOP-Tac suit from them a couple of years ago, I couldn’t bring myself to wear it in public though - so I gave it to a Polish friend who seems to have no shame and is an actual gopnik . :joy:

That’s where I got it from. If you order on the official Tarkov store, they fulfil it.