Fallout series on Prime

Hello everybody,

I know that @fabsh is fan of the Fallout series, and it seems that there’s a new series on Prime based on them.

I haven’t heard about this before, so I don’t know what to expect, but I will probably watch.

Anyone interested or have any comments?

I got early access to the first four episodes and reviewed them for heise (in German).

My verdict was basically: Not as bad as I had expected.

I have now finished episode 6. Once I’ve seen all the episodes, I’ll write something about the politics of it on Substack.

I can recommend it, in general. It has its issues, but considering the state of Hollywood in general and of video game adaptations in particular, it’s actually quite good. I love that they took the musical queues from the game series. Fallout really has the best music. And of course, Walton Goggins has been amazing in everything I’ve seen him in and this is no exception.


Just finished it. I think I like it!

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Ob die an Absurdität grenzende Brutalität der Serie, obwohl sie nah an den Spielen ist, dazu beitragen wird, viele neue Gelegenheits-Fans zu gewinnen, sei dahingestellt.

(Quote from the article)

I pitched the first episode of the series (haven’t watched more than 2 so far) as Tarantino-style to someone who does not know the games and thus give an expectation for absurd violence.
That might not necessarily help with explaining the world and society, but at least hint at the tone, “humour” and maybe some logic in the franchise.

I liked it, though I’ve never played any of the Fallout games.

I finished the series, and I think it was fine.

I haven’t played the Fallout games, but I’m familiar with them, to a degree, and I even started Fallout 1 a couple of months ago out of curiosity, but, let’s say the interface needs some getting used to.

Oh! I don’t like Tarantino’s stuff much so I don’t usually watch it. Which is why this comparison never occurred to me. But it is a really good one!

These days, that is high praise! :rofl:

Having finished it now, I thought the ending didn’t make much sense. Especially since it is a four day walk from the Griffith Observatory to the Strip. And I am not sure walking in power armour is actually much easier than just walking. And the four days is not even accounting for all the deathclaws, raiders and radiation you’ll encounter on the way…

Screenshot 2024-04-23 120923

As I’m not fully familiar with the locations, I couldn’t tell.

On the other hand, of course, it’s really a “small world” where these these people get to bump into each other all the time.

I heard before that it was a sign of lazy writing when somehow characters are brought together for the convenience of the plot, regardless of the reality of physics.

In the end, for all fiction, some suspension of belief is always needed, the question is how much.


While I agree on the above, I am wondering whether that might have been a more or less conscious choice of the writers? The tone of the show is very hilarious, not taking itself seriously (which I enjoy, and which is the reason I am not too bothered by some things, I think), so maybe they did not try more actively to make it seem more natural and authentic because everything is outrageously extreme already. A little like a meta joke to themselves “Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if they all met up conventiently always at the right times?”

Or it’s just lazy writing. :laughing:

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I think it´s the second. Mainly because the games take great care to make the world feel big and meaningful. They use landmarks like the Washington Mall in FO3 and the Strip in NV very purposefully and to great effect.

In this specific case I think they just wanted to name drop New Vegas at the end of the show and did it in a pretty lazy way.

In case anyone reads German:

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