Exercise Log

Note on 20 April 2023, 14:13 CEST

In an effort to cut down on my mobile apps usage, especially of those apps that save tracking data, I’ve deleted Strava from my phone. I had previously used Strava to log my exercises publicly. If you want to still follow my efforts to get – and stay – fitter, you can now go to this page, where I will be maintaining a detailed personal log of my exercises.

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I have already thought about ditching my Strava use, too. But having been too lazy in making a decision, my yearly subscription was renewed in March. At least I have now stopped the automatic renewal. I would like to know which app you are using to track your running log though.

I am going old-school. I now use a cheap Casio stopwatch. I know the distances of my runs because I have mapped them out on plotaroute.com. :grin:

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