Episode 163: Back to the Twitter Files

The reporters from the Twitter Files project just won the Dao Prize for excellence in investigative journalism. Could there be a better time to dive back into these stories?

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I will not drag the religion topic too much, although I confess the topic is intriguing to me, especially with the negative effect “organized religions” have on the world, so it might be an interesting off topic conversation that can be forked out from the podcast thread.

Another unrelated point: while discussing the feedback from Yannis, the movie 300 was mentioned, and it seems there’s disagreement on the quality of the film, but I think an interesting point, that relate to @fabsh’s comment on the artistry of the movie: the movie is based on a comic, that is based on the historical event. The Comic is by Frank Miller, another artistic movie that I highly recommend also based on a comic of his is Sin City.

Speaking about future plans, do you have any plans to talk about the eIDAS the EU electronic Identification, Authentication and trust services regulation?

Recently it was discussed on the Security Now podcast, in particular the the open letter sent with regard to Article 45: https://chat.google.com/dm/hmb55gAAAAE/S2mFNEP_c4g/S2mFNEP_c4g

I’m in general skeptic about regulation and gouvernements overreach, and this looks like another nail in the coffin of personal freedoms.

Finally, a very nice selection offor the end music, thanks!


Thanks for the heads-up! I hadn’t looked at this yet. This does indeed seem like a topic for the show. I will look into this after I cleared some of my current topics backlog. :laughing:

Also: Sin City is an excellent movie. I’ve loved Clive Owen since playing Privateer 2: The Darkening in the '90s. He’s not nearly cast in enough good movies like that one…

In other news, I’ve now started on this book:

Partly because of our religion discussion and partly because I don’t know enough Medieval history.

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Regarding show notes, the podcast episode details could be improved with a link to the show notes.

There is link to the show notes in the RSS feed (link element). AntennaPod show it correctly as website link button.

What app is this from? As @astralc said, the RSS feed links to the show notes as per podcast feed specs.

It’s from Pocket Casts

Interesting. I will have to look into this. My feed conforms to the podcast feed spec. I know, because I hand-coded it. :smile: