Episode 161: The EU's Ministry of Truth

EU bureaucrats maintain that the Digital Services Act is not a censorship regime, but is meant to save people from misinformation by deleting it from the internet or hiding it from view. Which, in fact, is the very definition of censorship. Welcome to the Cardassian Union.

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I’m sorry for not interacting so much lately, but I was busy racing the hand basket down the road to hell.

(Given the state of the world)

Thank you again for new episode: I’m afraid the only thing that I can say at the moment is this: feeling too cynical from I feel that the only reason is not legislators being dump, but a real decent into totalitarianism.

I don’t know how coordinated is this, but the mindset that “TRUTH” (™!) will be dictated by the one holding the gun.

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We have some legislation like that in Russia (ours is a bit more extensive, but then we’ve been at it for quite some time now). The reason this legislation exists and is enforced here in Russia is obvious: the people that hold the power to govern are very afraid to lose that power, and (rightfully, perhaps) percieve democratic process (including free speech) as a threat to their position. I actually feel for them somewhat: they did so much against the interests of the general public and milked the economy to such an extent that, should they ever lose their position, they stand a great chance of being held accountable, and not necessarily in a very friendly way. They are holding to their power so much because at this point power equals personal freedom for them, if not even lives.

This is somewhat of a Russian tradition, unfortunately: very few of our rulers stopped ruling before they were dead or severely ill. Some checks and balances against the usurpation of power were introduced after the fall of the Soviet Union, but those were removed with much kerfuffle two years later.

How any such legislation can be viewed as anything less than the obvious move to usurp the power is beyond me. But then again, I’m rather cynical and don’t trust the democratic process too much, as many Russians are, given what we’ve been witnessing for the last 30-odd years.

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Please. Never be sorry about that! :two_hearts:

Yeah. I really feel you there. I have no idea why this is. Maybe the people in power have figured out how dumb people generally are and how good of a control tool the internet is? Now that we have completely based our society on it…


Isn’t it incredibly ironic that, while on the outside we are supposed to be fighting all of this, at home, we’re doing exactly the same?

And why can’t people see it for what it is??? :foxpalm:

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Canada has announced something similar. People who do not toe the government line have been calling it “the ministry of truth”, however, the government has been calling it a “special rapporteur to fight mis information”. No matter what you call it, it all amounts to the government controlling what we can see, read, and say.