Episode 155: The Twitter Files, Part 5

The podcast returns with more coverage of The Twitter Files. On this episode, I am discussing how the US government used the FBI to exert censorship control over Twitter and many other tech companies to reinforce government narratives and silence critics.

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First of all, welcome back. and thank you for trying to keep a schedule, but it’s also important to enjoy making the show and not feel pressured.

As usual, I started listening, but not yet finished.

I’m also tracking these topics from other sources, and I have to say that it doesn’t give me a very good feeling.

I watched the full Taibi hearing, and several other segments, and I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

You would expect this kind of shenanigans in countries where the US proclaims they would like to spread Democracy to.

And all of this reminds me of the importance of having small government and that governments should be held in check by the people, otherwise government itself will become the threat.


Hello again,

As a followup to you comment to my feedback: I didn’t imply that having access to all available information is sufficient for consensus to approach “Truth”, but that it would be part of the conditions among others.

Critical thinking is, of course, also needed.

A conundrum would be if there’s no way to find the proper conditions to be able to reach truth: then what’s the use of anything!

That’s why it’s important to identify these conditions and try to create and protect them.

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Love the episode, and the previous one. Welcome back! Thank you for not giving up, we do need podcasts like TPC.

Also, loving the new cover art.

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Finally got around to uploading the video version, too:

@jonathanmh & @Halefa did most excellent work on that! They are very good portrait photographers! <3