Episode 144: Dismantling the Russiagate Delusion

For years, corporate media has maintained that Donald Trump was under the influence of Russian agents and that the Russians helped him win the 2016 presidential election. All of these claims turned out to be unsubstantiated. How exactly did the media err on such a monumental scale?

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Thank you for this episode. I share your concerns about the quality of journalism these days, but I think this is is an old problem. I recently read a book (*) about the French revolution, and also back then, it seems that the newspapers often wrote what people wanted to read, or even what they wanted their readers to believe.

I guess the only thing we can do, is hoping that there are will always be ‘enough’ critical thinkers around. Since after all those years, there are still people left that are willing to think for themselves, I keep on believing :wink:

(*) In fact I read two books about the French Revolution, by the Belgian writer Johan Op de Beeck. They’re a really good read for those that can understand Dutch.

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