Episode 142: I Saw the Future in Dubai

Some observations on the possible future of society from a recent trip to the United Arab Emirates.

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Hi Fab,
I’ve been a listener of The Private Citizen for some time now, but I never got around to write in. That is, until today.

I really enjoy your shows. Not because I always agree with what you say: sometimes I agree, sometimes I couldn’t disagree more :slight_smile:

I wanted to let you know that I really liked your show about Dubai. I think you made a very interesting point over there.

It is strange that freedom of religion (which is a form of freedom of speech) is often found more important than the freedom of e.g spreading a conspiracy theory (which is also a form of that same freedom of speech).

I have the impression that the idea to censor or prohibit ‘unwanted’ speech often slips into our society by people that may have good intentions: they want to keep us all ‘safe’. But I think we should be very alert every time some instance wants to limit the things that we are allowed to say.

Thank you for all the work you put into this podcast,


ITM Fab,

it seems as if the future you have seen in Dubai is starting to take shape as the present in the so called “democratic” countries, too. At least that seems to be something what critical thinkers and free speech advocates will have to worry about after reading this article by Glenn Greenwald.


Hey, Johan! Nice to hear from you again! How are the Trappists doing these days? :grin:

Yeah, I’ve seen this. Thanks for the link, though!

Let me return this favour: Taibbi and Kern recently talked about this trend too on ATW. It’s quite worth the watch.


As you can see on my untappd profile, I still regulary enjoy a trappist or another great beer :wink: :beers:

That is excellent! I haven’t used untappd in ages, though… :smile:

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