Episode 125: What Happened with Nord Stream?

Someone blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, bringing natural gas from Russia to Europe, via Germany. Was it the Russians? Did the Americans do it? Why? And what will happen now?

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Just finished listening to the episode, but I’m at work, sk I’m keep this brief.

Thank you for the very interesting analysis.

I missed the news, so it was a surprise for me!

Unfortunately, this will have a grave impact to Germany and Europe in general, and I worry that will have the effect to push us further into a worse situation.

And finally, thank you also for the very apt and nice and song.

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I listened to the episode on a plane today, and I must say I rather agree with your analysis. It doesn’t fit USA’s modus operandi, it doesn’t make sense strategically for Russia, and I didn’t even suspect Ukraine until I listened to the episode because I don’t believe they could have possibly pulled it off.

I also wholeheartedly agree that “cui prodest?” is the most adequate way of solving this puzzle.

However, I must point out that while Russia’s lack of strategic sense in doing a thing like that is obvious, it doesn’t really indemnify Russia per se. Russia has been making moves that make no strategic sense (and are actually a strategic disaster) left right and center lately. One could easily argue the very launch of the Special Military Operation* was strategically insane from the start…

* - being a Russian citizen and a Russian resident I can end up in jail for calling it a war.

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Also, forgot to mention: an awesome music track on this one!

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