End-World Adventures

21 March 2023, 00:41 CET — 5 min read

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Working on a more detailed map…

Did some more work on this last night.

suspiciously familiar map :wink:

Well, yeah. It’s a multiverse, right? Some worlds would mirror our own, it stands to reason. I did draw it from memory, tho!

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I’ve been using inkarnate.com to speed up creation of maps like this. It’s a pretty neat tool!

I’ve also just finished this town map for the setting of our one shot. We’ll continue playing in about two weeks…

Looks very nice.

I was always intrigued by DnD, but it’s almost unknown where I grew, and I didn’t find a community when I had time.

I tried to introduce role-playing to my daughters, but as I’m in-experienced, it seems that I drove them away :slight_smile:

Haven’t played in about 20 years. @Halefa and Critical Role got me back into it. It’s never too late!

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Some further progress on the world map: