Delayed episode releases

Hey folks. Just chiming in to let you know that I can’t release episodes at the moment. Work has been beyond mad and my private life got very busy lately looking after grandma who’s a hundred and slowly preparing to die it looks like. Gotta take some strain off mum who’s caring for her. I also have several trips planned, so there’s also some pleasure involved.

Please reast assured that I will get back to producing episodes as soon as possible and that I will make up for episodes lost later on.

Much love to everyone who’s waiting for new content. :heart_eyes:


I’m not sure what would be appropriate to say regarding you grandmother, but it’s nice that she has people who love her around.

Best wishes to her!

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Hey mate, look after yourself and don’t worry about us. When you have the time we will be hear to listen to what you have to say. But for now be kind to yourself, be there for your family.
I will say it again if you do not get 52 episodes out this year that is ok. I know you will try your best to meet this goal you set yourself but if it doesn’t happen all good.
All the best mate


My grandmother died on Monday. She had an amazing life. I miss her, but I am actually not hurting that much. I guess it had been a long time coming.

My current plan is to release two more episodes (if I can manage, there’s also a lot of other work to do) before I go travelling for a while. So after those, it will be quiet on the podcast front until mid-August, I think.

Thank you for being understanding. This is just a goal I set for myself to aspire to. I will do my best to hit it, but if I don’t, that’s just the way she goes.

Don’t worry that I’ll burn out or something. That isn’t in my nature, I think. As long as I find this podcast interesting and as long as people are listening, I will keep going. If I can’t produce episodes, I won’t. It’s not a kind of stress like the one I had working for a company. I can deal with this situation very well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think I’m speaking for many people here when I say our deepest condolences are only a little bit spoiled by the fair amount of envy for you to have had her in the first place.


May she rest in peace!

She seems to have enjoyed an active and full life, and left behind people who will remember her.

This is a good life. Let’s hope that we all would be that lucky!


I second wholeheartedly what both of you said! :heart:

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