Could vaccination potentially increase the spread (SARS-COV-2)

So I am double vaccinated (third dose to come) and currently feeling somewhat unwell. I don’t feel really sick however, just mild cold or flu symptoms. Not enough for me to be too concerned about. Yes, I should get tested for SARS-CoV-2 but at the moment that is a massive hassle due to a resurgence of cases in south Australia. I would be in a line of cars for hours (without access to a bathroom). I have felt this way before and tested negative (prior to vaccination). But, what if my vaccination is reducing my symptoms and making me think this is nothing.

Isn’t that exactly what they advertise the vaccine as doing? It does not stop a person from getting sick, only minimizes the symptoms. My personal opinion from the start was that this will likely lead to more cases as there will be more sick people spreading it without knowing.

I currently only know one person with it, and they are already double vaccinated. The irony is that he is sure he caught it on the last day of work before Christmas, and he is the only vaccinated person that was there.

Why? It’s not gonna help you in any way. You could also just assume you got it and just self-quarantine. The only use of testing is wanting to make sure you are negative in case you want to go out again.

Then you’ll be fine. It’s only a problem if you want to go out.

But to answer the question in the headline: Yeah, I think you are onto something there.

Also hope you’re OK, mate!

This is a topic that I discussed with a friend: if vaccination does not prevent people from getting or transmitting, this it seems not very good to only check/limit the un-vaccinated.

And then I don’t get what are we supposed to achieve.

The new normal seems to me is that we should always be afraid: which justify my blasé attitude.

(I had to go each day to work during the civil war in Syria, I knew I might die any day, but I didn’t have any other option at that time!)

I just can not follow any of the logic on this these days. There is a politician in our province of Ontario that has become very vocal and is calling for all health professionals to get their jobs back, and his argument seems logical to me but has drawn fire from others.

The situation is that the province terminated heath workers that were not fully vaccinated, because they are putting patients at risk. The argument put forward by the politician is that we all know that the vaccine does not prevent you from either getting sick or spreading it, so they should be no more risk to patients than vaccinated workers. And in light of the fact that the province has now also allowed health workers to continue working, even if they have a current positive covid test, it would seem that the unvaccinated worker that does not have covid would be a far less risk than a vaccinated worker that does have covid.

Just no logic these days…

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Well, what vaccination is trying to achieve is protect the people who are vaccinated. It all makes sense. Where it falls apart is that the media, politicians (and thus large parts of the public) decided to make it the silver bullet to stop the disease. Which it never was and never will be. It’s a personal protective measure. Which is why it should be totally up to the individual to get it or decide not to.

So much this!!!