Captain's Log 020 - Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Pandemic law blues, running, Star Trek: Discovery, BlueBrixx set, book self-publishing, vaccination

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This is to the point where I would start looking at some way of fudging the booster. If you react so poorly that you are out more time than actually getting the thing the shot is for, it is just nuts.

You need to sleep more… and want to write more. New way, write in your sleep!

Well, I hope I’ll react less this time. But even if I’m out for 3 to 4 days again, it’s that or not going to restaurants, on holiday or concerts ever again. Plus, they’ll probably force everyone anyway soon so I might just as well get ahead of the curve. :frowning_face:

If you are non-stoicraging about Discovery, I wonder what you think about Star Trek Prodigy (from the posters, previews or episodes watched).

Nothing, really. It’s animated so I have no particular interest in it. It’s currently not available in my market and I’m certainly not get Paramount+ when it launches here for it.

I gave up going to restaurants because of this. I once signed a paper to protect peoples rights, regardless of if their thoughts and opinions aligned with mine. It’s a bit sad to look at how so many of us that once stood to fight for freedom are now the oppressed.

It looks like the biggest threat to our way of life since WWII to me. And that isn’t hyperbole. I really think so by now.