AR computing work while on commute

So being a hopeful technologist when I watched essentially an ad for the Nreal Air AR glasses I got super excited for potential in this space. More unsponsored research leads me to believe these particular AR glasses may not be quite where we need them to be but this is my hope.
While I don’t think they are ready to replace a desk top setup for mobile work it could be cool and useful.
Essentially what the Glasses let you do is have a multiple monitor set up on your face. I could see myself using this while I commute to work and in other spaces where you don’t want to be limited to a single screen. This would also improve ergonomics. But I want to take this even further. Could I use my phone as a dumb terminal to my more powerful desktop PC. Thus no longer needing to carry a laptop but perhaps just a keyboard and pointing device (mouse may not work on train).
Or would it be worth replacing a laptop with a battery powered NUC (essentially laptop without keyboard/screen).
Again this is through the eyes of a hopeless futurist, I am sure Fab will destroy my hopes and dreams and tell me why this is a stupid idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
I am not sure if I posted this before but I would like to see a possibility to use my commute time as work time. While many would be used to the 8 hour work day plus commute with a young family I think this leaves a lot to be desired.

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Devils advocate here. Imagine this as a future release of whatever Elon is calling his brain chip program. I have a OnePlus phone that has an insane amount of RAM for a phone. I use it to run a desktop session via nethunter, with USB keyboard and mouse connected to it. Now imagine the ability to see it on basically a HUD system and also to be able to type and use a touch screen by thinking. I’m not big on medical procedures, but that is something I would be watching with interest.