An apology concerning this week's release

Hey, everyone!

I realise I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I’ll miss the release schedule this week again and will have to make it up to you later. I’m on an important assignment this week and there’s so much to prepare and so much else to do that I can’t record episode 113 today as I wanted to. I have it mapped up, but I simply don’t have any time to do the research and record the show right now.

I was hoping I could do this before my assignment, but I haven’t even had any free time at all in the last few weeks that I could have sacrificed for this. There’s just too much to do between work and family stuff at the moment that’s very important and can’t wait.

I am aiming to do this planned show next weekend. This’ll mean no free time for the foreseeable future either, but I need to at least keep up with the number of episodes, even if I can’t manage the schedule. And I will catch up with the planned number of episodes overall at some point. I promise!

Thanks for your continued support! It means a lot to me!


Cool with me. There’s back catalog I want to get to from missing the first year.

In fact, seems to me you should give yourself breaks and more leisure time.

Maybe you shouldn’t set a 52 shows a year target. If the weekly target suits you why not only the normal weeks when you’re home? E.g. Yearly shows = 52 - vacation weeks - novel time weeks - work assignment weeks.

We all like the show’s contents of course, but to some degree listening to podcasts is about liking the person doing them (for pure ideas it’s more efficient to read). So I’d imagine none of us would like for you to cause yourself burnout and stress doing this.

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Of if he feels he really needs to hit 52 shows a year, he could shorten some so that he still hits his personal goal but also has the time he needs for live.

Note: I am not complaining at all about length, I have a pause button.

Hey guys, thanks for the understanding! As you can tell, I’ve fallen further behind. But I am planning to start rectifying that this coming week:

As far as the a-show-a-week target is concerned, I want to stick with that for now. I think it’s an achievable target and I have so much stuff I want to talk about…

It’s just been hard lately because I’ve tried to hustle to finally start earning some more money now that the restrictions are dropping and work is returning back to normal a little bit. I figure I need to take these jobs while I can. It’s gonna slow down again all by itself at some point anyway.

Please don’t worry about me. I have enough free time. The reason I wasn’t recording shows is because I schedule these for work time and refuse to push them into my free time. This is why you saw me stream Elden Ring (which is relaxing to me after a day of writing and such) but not a podcast recording (which isn’t exactly relaxing). So don’t worry, I am taking time off if I have to.

But thanks again for being understanding! :slightly_smiling_face: