The Private Citizen 104: Triage is Too Logical for Germans

I am a huge proponent of outdoor education; I was a instructor for 3 years (bushwalking, kayaking, sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking) and now a teacher. I could go on and on about the benefits of outdoor education particularly to non academic students but also across the board. Most private schools in Australia see this benefit and have the money to run OE camps with a range of activities. I am also an advocate of public schooling and there unfortunately is not the money to run as many of these programs. It does not matter the activity the outcome is about team work, perseverance, and it also helps to get kids to cook for themselves for a few days. No need to bring guns in to it :grinning:

I also agree military service should be a personal choice

Yeah, if you have amazing outdoors, like you do over there, you should use them. We had some amazing trips and camps when I was in high school in QLD. Absolutely jaw-dropping when you come from a cold and overpopulated country like mine… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I agree, but unfortunately, where I am, the level of education in public school had decreased to the point where I was once in an argument with a person that had JUST finished school, and he thought 12x0 was 120, and 0x12=0. I’m not holding out hope for that to change this year, as the teachers unions are pushing to not have kids going back to school due to covid fears.