Release Planning: Private Citizen 102 & 103

My plan for the release of episodes 102 and 103 (the last two episodes for this year) got somewhat wrecked by that vaccine knocking me out for four days again. I’m trying to release these two episodes this week now. But I can’t promise anything. Need to get healthy again first and there’s a lot of other shit I need to do this week, too. :expressionless:

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Get well first, man, all the rest can wait.

Yeah! It’s not bad of course. Just annoying and prevents me from working… :roll_eyes:

In another community I am a member of this would be called rule 0 : Real life comes first.
It is very noble to aim to release 52 episodes a year but it is ok if that does not happen.
Get well mate

Oh, it will most definitely happen as I am recording 102 tonight. I promised this! Also, I consider this kind of my job. So it is real life. Kinda. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks mate, just remember in the future you are able to miss deadlines at work if you are incapacitated. Also, considering how much this podcast actually supports you to consider if it is a vocational or avocation. As a Patreon, I fully support you looking after yourself. I also understand you have a drive to fulfill your goals.
You have mentioned how much being self employed has improved you quality of life, however I think at times it can go the otherway. I have no qualms ringing my employer and telling them I am too sick to work (actually that is a bad example because as a teacher in order to call in sick, I need to plan lessons for the relief teacher) but I hope you get my meaning.
If the German government won’t pay you to get vaccinated, I am happy to chip in my small amount for the week and let you rest.

Thanks man! I did mean that as a joke, though.

Don’t worry about me. I’m happy with my workload. I worked this much when I was employed as well. Even though I wasn’t getting paid for all of it, strictly, because I was doing unpaid overtime essentially. So now I’m at least doing it for myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

And I get to slack off and play video games in the middle of the day whenever I feel like it. So I’m happy! :smiley: