Modern documents without pages

Why are we still writing assignments in documents with pages. As a teacher I never print them, and as a student I spend to much time adjusting things to fit on pages.
We need a self contained document without pages that is easy for all (I do know a few ways to do this but not that my students could do and my lectures expect a word document or pdf)

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Funny you should raise this.

At work we use Google Docs, and recently they changed something, and the application suggested that I can switch to a new pageless mode.

And it made a lot of sense. Many documents I have, are not intended for printing, and having them paginated is really funny, now to think about it.


Good to know there is progress being made on this somewhere.
Unfortunately both the school I teach and college I am studying are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.
I do have the ability to use Google classroom and docs in my class but the school prefers Office 365 and that is what most of the students know.
I wonder if Microsoft will follow suit. I should also check libre office as I do use that on my home Linux box (in addition to office 365 web).
Word does have web view that joins all the pages together

Some companies are doing this with data sheets. My opinion is that they are more difficult to read and archive compared to the PDF versions which had pages.