Mandatory vaccination for school teachers in South Australia

So I was just reading the letter sent to me regarding the upcoming mandate for school teachers to be vaccinated against SARS-COV-2. While I am generally for this policy and I am vaccinated so it does not affect me. I did notice one point of concern regarding exemptions

“b) Any such letter and medical certificate will need to specify the nature of the exemption and the basis on which it applies”

This states if you are eligible for an exemption you need to disclose the particulars to your work place. This could expose highly sensitive information you may not want your employer to know.

Originally, I was studying to be a Vet. On this course, I became a certified nurses assistant (in the US), during high school. We spent weeks getting drilled by RNs on patient confidentiality and much, much more. The most prominent part of those lessons where how little is needed to breach patient confidentiality.

While HIPPA is still in effect in the US, and likely a variant of it in AU, there is one VERY large exemption. If the patient reveals the information themselves the patient has no one to blame but themselves.

These laws are being made with the explicit knowledge that what is required is illegal and wouldn’t have a chance in any court. But, if no one contests it, nothing is stopped.

Personally, the fetus tissue alone it enough for a true religious exemption. Never mind the withholding of the medical trial results. The scientific method has been thrown out of the window for sheer political ideologies.

They talked about this on No Agenda a lot. This has the interesting effect that, if you give your information to an app and that app has TOS that say they can share with third parties (they all do) then you shared that info in the first place and HIPAA doesn’t apply. Companies use this actively to get data out of silos that are covered by this kind of restrictions into a space where they can sell or otherwise use it.

My province in Canada got around this by declaring that there will be no medical exemptions. The information I got from my doctor regarding this is that there are 2 substances that if you are allergic to, you may apply to the province’s medical doctor for a possible exemption, but they are not aware of any being granted.

Just read this: No Jab No Food Mandates Land Quietly in Canada - Vision Times Nothing says coercion like starving the people until they get vaccinated.

I love how it’s colloquialism to “the jab” in English. Just a little jab… Nothing to worry about… Prime example of propaganda terminology right there.

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