Episode 158: The EU Wants to Abolish Digital Privacy

The EU wants to establish universal client-side scanning for text messages and photos on citizen’s phones. With user words: All cryptography would be useless and hence, nobody would have any privacy in the digital realm anymore.

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Love the episode! And the music is awesome!

I’m starting to think that a big problem with people who make laws is the lack of accountability. I mean, take that issue with the teacher from the last podcast, and imagine that after reversing this law and declaring it should never have appeared in the first place, the people who signed this thing into a law would be held accountable and charged: the money spent for this long lawsuit, the damages to the teacher, etc, etc…

This is hardly feasible, of course, but I can’t see how else this “people make laws without bothering to figure out the thing they’re regulating” can be fixed.


Well said, but the question always remains how can you make a complex system (society) where some cannot hide behind the complexity.

Again a point where some kind of cost-benefit calculation needs to be done.

As usual, intersting food for thought.

And on the down side: I hope human socities are not going to hell with handbasket!

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Of course they are! But they have been for at least 3000 years, according to literature, and I doubt we (our even our children) will witness them reach the destination point. :wink:

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From hearing about this, it “everybody hates it” scenario from the ‘tech’ people. Like other EU ruling/proposals, it feel like it is not the MEP idea, but some lobbyists. Also still not really thinking about HOW the implementation should work (technology and legally).

Who is the one that will benefit from this (in the way it proposed)? The NGO; and the governments that now have more spying power?

What prevent ‘self rule’ that say “we suspect dissidents are child abusers, so we must spy on them” - power given, almost never returned.

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I actually read some good articles about this and will do some of my own research. Hopefully, there should be a future episode in this…