Episode 149: The Nord Stream Cover-Up

To cover up Seymour Hersh’s report, the CIA planted a fake story about the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage with the press. Chancellor Scholz might even have discussed this cover-up with President Biden in person.

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Unfortunately, the continued dishonesty and fact that our governments no longer believe they are in power to serve the people means that I believe you are probably right here. We have gotten to the point that if you told me one of our leaders used their personal finances to start a trust fund to help sick orphans, I wouldn’t believe you and would want proof. However, if you told me that they had committed another scandal of any sort, it wouldn’t even phase me, as I have lost count of how many they have been caught in this week alone.

In the case of this episode, a short list from the top of my head would be: gulf of tonkin, bay of pigs, Iran Contra, Hungarian uprising, Iraqi weapons of mass distruction, Wuhan gain of function research, biolabs in Ukraine, Gitmo, and these are just off the top of my head.

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