Crisis? What crisis?

This article is introduced by Eugyppius with the following sentence:
„Germany faces its greatest economic crisis since the Second World War, thanks to the unrelenting idiocy of our political and media classes.“
In his article, the author argues:
„We’re suffering not from a plan, but from the luxury beliefs of a detached, out-of-touch elite, and the political support they enjoy from an ageing population, withdrawn from immediate everyday economic concerns and in thrall to state media outlets.“
Somehow this view of things reminds me of some of @fabsh‘s assessments of the work of the media on TPC. If they were really doing their job properly, there would probably not be such a looming economic crisis around the corner. In any case, I hope that it will not be as bad as one might fear.

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“You will own nothing, and you will be happy”, that’s the phrase they keep using.

This has become true very quickly. Inflation is already at it’s highest level since the BRD was founded. I’m gonna do an episode on this very soon. Thanks for the link!